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Click on the Member’s name to view their profile which includes contact information, web page, a description of services, how the Member handles billing, and a general description of the company's specialties.

Note That:
  1. The Search by State/County below is based on the counties where the PRRN Members perform searches themselves or with a true payroll employee.
  2. Some Members provide expanded geographic coverage using a network of other retrievers, also known as correspondents or sub-contractors. This area is indicated in the profile under the Correspondent Relationships section.
  3. PRRN Associate Members can be located by either a State Search (do not choose county), or else Search by Company Name.
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* County can also include parish, city or borough, depending on the state.

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Summary of Codes
Court Records
Code Government Agency Type of Information
DT US District Court Federal Civil and Criminal Cases
BK Bankruptcy Court United States Bankruptcy Cases
CV Civil Court Municipal, County, and State Level Civil Cases
CR Criminal Court Municipal, County, and State Level Criminal Cases
PR Probate Court Wills and Estate Cases
County Records
Code Government Agency Type of Information
RE Recorder of Deeds Real Property Transactions and Liens
JL Recorder's Office Judgments, Liens, Tax Liens, UCC Filings
VS Vital Records Office Vital Statistics - Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce
  • "CODE" designates the agency and type of information obtainable in each county from a retriever.
  • "[SOP]" after the retriever name designates Service of Process.