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Jurisdiction Alert

March 21, 2014:

Record Access Problems in Certain WV Magistrate Courts

The WV Magistrate Courts are in the midst of converting their court record databases to a new computer  system which will also offer E-filing.  It is expected that this conversion will take several years before all courts are converted.

Recently the records from the Magistrate Courts in Greenbrier and Monongalia counties were converted onto the new system as the old system was shut down. However these courts discovered severe problems with missing case files. As a result, at this time record searches cannot be preformed at these courts. Public access to the magistrate courts in both counties has stopped and likely be shut down for weeks.

We understand that the Magistrate Courts in Barbour, Lewis, and Upshur counties are in the process of converting to the new system this week, so caution may be in regarded also in these three counties.

The WV Circuit Courts are not converting their records at this time, so these records are not affected.

March 21, 2014:

Update: San Luis Obispo (CA) Superior Court

The court recently release nearly a month of back orders for criminal record name searches. Also the clerks are providing docket info from both the old (historical data) and the new system. This is significant because when the court was supplying searches only using the new system (which does not have key final disposition data) every "hit" had to be researched by pulling the case file documents.

The court still has a backlog, but it is diminishing.

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