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The Public Record Retriever Network

Welcome to the home page of PRRN—the Public Record Retrieval Network!

Simply put, PRRN Members are professionals who visit government agencies on-site—such as local, federal, and state courts or recorder's offices—to do name searches and/or obtain copies of file documents. Retrievers are often hired to assist with the pre-employment screening, investigations, lending, litigation, or for legal compliance needs.

As recognized leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval, PRRN Members agree to follow standards of professional conduct for local searching and document retrieval procedures and to follow the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all their dealings with other members and clients. With nearly 500 members in 48 states, PRRN is one of the largest U.S. trade groups representing professionals in the public record industry.

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Jurisdiction Alert

May 29, 2016 - Jasper County TX Criminal Records

The Jasper County Clerk's Office will no longer provide criminal searches. There is a public terminal onsite, so in-person researchers have access to the record index. The County Clerk is promoting the use of the TX DPS, a non-compliant database if used for FCRA purposes.

April 08, 2016 - Certain Vermont Courts

A policy change is forthcoming regarding criminal name searches at VT Courts that do not have a public access terminal. The new will policy require the court to waive the $30.00 search fee if a name and DOB are submitted in person. Fee is still applicable if requested by mail.

April 01, 2016 - North Carolina Courts

The NC Judiciary (AOC) recently installed a new docket look-up program in the public access terminals (PAT) at the court houses. All counties have at least one public access terminal (PAT) for use by the public to do a name or case search. Each PAT has two systems accessible. Old was only countywide search and data printed direct for $.25 per page. The new system CIPRS is much more user-friendly and is searchable statewide. Plus one may email data direct instead of printing. According to several news stories the new system will not show all sentencing data. However, per the AOC’s Fact Sheet about the new system all information shown on the ACIS system appears on the new CIPRS system.