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Facts About State Criminal Record Repositories

Jurisdiction Alert

July 16, 2014:

Alameda (CA) Superior Court

The court recently decided it will no longer disclose records of dismissed criminal cases per Labor Code Section 432.7.  However, the court also extended this policy to include non-employment investigative due diligence research (which is not specifically mention as part of 432.7). This means that for example private investigators performing litigation work for attorneys are now blocked from obtaining these documents.

July 10, 2014:

San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz (CA) Superior Court Fee Issues

In San Luis Obispo affective  Monday July 7, 2014. all searches are charged $15 per every 10 minutes of the clerk's time. The fee is based on the time needed to complete each submitted "list" - and not on a per name basis. Thus if 30 names are on a list and it take 40 minutes to complete - the fee is $60.00. If any list takes less than less than 10 minutes to research, then no fee is charged. All criminal record searches at these two courts must be performed by court personal. Note the San Luis Obispo Superior Court does have a public access terminal, but the court will only allow attorneys and the news media access to the terminal. The rest of the public is blocked.

The same policy has been in existence in Santa Cruz for some time.

Many court researchers and record users feel this policy is in onflict with the existing state law.  Per California Government Code -GC  70627(c):
"The fee for a search of records or files conducted by a court employee that requires more than 10 minutes is fifteen dollars."

June 1, 2014 - Maine Court Fees

Maine has made changes to the fee structure for court record searching.  Effective June 1, fee is now $20.00 per name (per alias as well) and the first search is no longer free. Prior to June 1, the fee was $15.00 and first search free. All courts include a search of both the civil and criminal docket for the fee.

The changes are a result of a recent Administrative Order (JB-05-26) issued by the State Judiciary.

(A public Thank You to Nils Nelson of Main Public Record Services for relaying this information to us.)

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