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The Public Record Retriever Network

The Public Record Retrieval Network (PRRN) is the largest trade organization representing professionals in the public record industry. With more than 500 members in 45+ states who retrieve documents from local government agencies in over 2,000 counties nationwide, PRRN Members are recognized as the nation's leaders in local public record searching and document retrieval.

What is PRRN’s Mission?

Our mission is to promote development within the public document retrieval industry for -
  1. Standards of professional conduct in local searching and document retrieval procedures
  2. Improved marketing and sales practices
Who Is Eligible For Membership?

There are two levels of membership - Regular and Associate.
  • Regular Membership is for on onsite researchers. Eligibility is open only to any firm or individual who physically visits local county, court or other government agencies to search public records or retrieve documents. Dues are based on the number of counties serviced with true FICA/Medicare employees. Counties covered with other researchers and 1099 people are indicated in a separate data field display.
  • Associate Membership is open to firms not providing onsite research with employees. includes firms such as public record database or gateway providers, public record distributors, CRAs, firms proving service to or from researchers. This includes public record search firms using a correspondent network to obtain records.

Once you are a member, your continued membership depends on your maintaining the standards expressed in the Code of Professional Conduct and the Terms of Membership.

What are The Benefits of Membership?

Only PRRN Members:
  • Receive the Public Record Retrieval Industry Standards Manual (PRRISM)
  • Are profiled at and (Type of profile and placement depends on level of membership)
  • Are singled out and highlighted in the Local Court & County Record Retrievers-Web.
  • Are viewable to subscribers in the online Public Record Research System (PRRS) Web product.
  • Are highlighted in the annual printed PRRN Membership Directory.
  • Receive our newsletter, Sources, that features articles about how to increase your business and how to operate more efficiently.
  • Can download suggested client forms and download the Researcher/CRA Model Agreement.
  • Can use the PRRN member logo in their advertising and promotional materials.
  • Receive the 10% discount on single book purchases from BRB Publications.

How Does My Firm Join PRRN?


What are the Terms of Membership in PRRN?

PRRN is a service provided to the retrieval industry by BRB Publications, Inc. for the purpose of promoting standards in the industry.

PRRN members agree to follow the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all their dealings with other members and with clients. These standards not only include those explicitly listed in the Code of Professional Conduct, but also include such matters as paying invoices to other firms in a timely fashion and not accepting projects which members are not competent to complete correctly or in a timely manner.

The members of PRRN may communicate with the Directors at any time, using the Retriever Satisfaction Survey or any other means, concerning problems or disputes with other members or with clients. The Directors may, at their sole discretion, use such information to inform members about such disputes, including but not limited to failure to pay invoices and failure to complete project on time or correctly. At the request of any member, the Directors may mediate disputes among members.

The Directors of PRRN may, at their sole discretion and without notice, cancel the membership of any member that, in their opinion has not met the spirit of these terms. Fees will not be returned upon cancellation of membership.

Members agree explicitly not to hold the Directors or any other members liable in any way for reporting or taking action on problems or disputes communicated to them in good faith.

What is the PRRN Code of Professional Conduct?

The Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) Code consists of ten guidelines according to which each Member conducts its business. View Code Details

Competency Guidelines
  1. We know where each type of local public record is maintained.
  2. We access these agencies regularly.
  3. We understand the contents of the documents we retrieve.
  4. We search records ourselves in those agencies that do not conduct searches for the public.
  5. We maintain good relationships with agency personnel.

Client Service Guidelines
  1. We return calls promptly.
  2. We complete projects as promised.
  3. We explain our charges in advance.
  4. We will expedite results, on request.
  5. We will explain how agencies maintain their records, on request.

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